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Books to Read (growing your faith)

Recommeded Books To Read (along with your Bible reading)


The Holy Bible is the most important book to read so if you only have time to read 1 book, then disregard the rest of the books to read on this page. The Holy Bible is your foundation so study it every day.  Everything you do or say needs to be in line with the Holy Bible.  The Holy Bible is inspired by God and written by Holy men of God through the gift of prophecy.  Other versions of the Holy Bible (such as the Amplified Bible) should be used in your Bible studies and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you.  So the Holy Bible is the only book that is needed in a Bible school.

When anyone recommends a book to read, always make sure it lines up with the Holy Bible.  I have read many Christian books over the decades and there are so many good ones out there that have increased my faith to grow in intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ in my prayer time and to see more miracles when I serve others.

To save you time of learning some of the good books to read, if you have time, I have come up with a short list of books for those that are hungry to grow in their intimacy and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  These books listed below are to help you to help others as reading books should not take the place of actually doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ask Jesus to give you boldness to minister to others instead of staying by yourself and just being a bookworm and never helpng any one.  Please be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only according to James 1:22.  If you dont know what your ministry is, start off with taking people to the home page of this web site and then pray with them outloud the prayer on the screen for them to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  Then take then to church with you.

Please do not ever get beyond the Holy Bible and say you have revelations that are outside the Holy Bible as you are not on solid ground when you say that.  Jesus said you need faith as a little child to enter the kingdom of God so everything you do and say should be understood by a child.  If you get too intellectual and have head knowledge and not heart knowledge that is backed up by the Holy Bible, then you will discover that God cannot entrust a great annointing on you to do miracles for Him.

I have grouped the recommended reading list in to 2 sections below.  Start with the first section and if you have time, read the second section later.  Go to the web site beside it, or go your local bookstore and buy the books as you feel led by the Holy Spirit.  If you only have time for 1 book, make sure you read "Ever Increasing Faith".

God Bless you.  Yours sincerely,    Gary Richards,  President of Servants For Jesus Christ.


Recommended Reading List 1

1)   Ever Increasing Faith:  Testimonies Of Incredible Miracles. (by Smith Wigglesworth).   Can be found on by clicking on this link=> Ever Increasing Faith

2)  Compelled by Love: How to change the world through the simple power of love in action (by Heidi Baker.)  Can be found on by clicking on this link= > Compelled by Love  

3)   Making Jesus Lord:  The Dynamic Power of Laying Down Your Rights For Christ Purposes. (by Loren Cunningham) Can be found on by clicking on this link= > Making Jesus Lord: The Dynamic Power of Laying Down Your Rights (From Loren Cunningham)

4)   How to Live and Not Die.  Learn about healing. (by Novel Hayes.) Can be found on

5)   Healing the Sick  Learn all about Jesus healing today.(by T.L. Osborn).   Can be found on by clicking on this link= > Healing the Sick: A Living Classic  

6)   Unleashing the Power of Faith:  Learn how faith works (by David Yonggi Cho).  Can be found on by clicking on this link= > Unleashing the Power of Faith

Recommended Reading List 2 (for the mature Christian)

1)  God Calling:  Daily devotional  (by A.J. Russell).   Can be found on by clicking on this link= >  God Calling

2)   I Believe In Visions:  Learn to hear from God. (by Kenneth Hagin Sr.) Can be found on

3)   Believer's Authority:  Learn the Authority God has given to you.  (by Kenneth Hagin Sr.) Can be found on

4)   Secrets of Authority (by Andrew Murrray).  Can be found on by clicking on this link= >  Secrets of Authority

5)   Rules For Engagement:  Learn about spiritual warfare (by Derek Prince)  Can be found on

6)   Deliverance From Evil Spirits:  Learn about Jesus' deliverance (by FrancisMacNutt).Can be found on by clicking on this link=>    Deliverance from Evil Spirits: A Practical Manual



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